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Yellow panciana (peltophorum)

These trees are fast growers to 40 feet. No two grow alike, but the general rule of thumb is to expect a broad-spreading crown. Place the tree in an area of full to part sun with this eventual growth in mind.

Peltphorums are cold tolerant, growing anywhere in South Florida. It’s the only cold hardy tree of the three look-alikes that include jacaranda and royal poinciana.

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The beautiful and graceful peltophorum tree is often called “Yellow Poinciana” because it looks just like a royal poinciana but with very showy yellow blossoms.

These trees work best on a large property or as a single specimen tree in a medium-sized yard.The breathtaking, frothy flowers appear in late summer on a treetop full of soft, fern-like leaves.

The tree is bare in winter and the canopy of fine-leafed foliage in spring, summer and fall creates an understory of dappled shade. This provides a perfect environment for certain plants that thrive in the less-blazing sun of winter and more filtered light in summer. Add top soil or organic peat moss to the hole when you plant. You may want to add in composted cow manure to the mix.

This tree is considered drought-tolerant once established, but does best with a regular watering schedule that allows a bit of time for the soil to dry out between waterings.


180cm – 200cm


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