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Polaskia Chichipe Cactus

This is a cactus which came with me from London to Spain and it flourished! In the photo taken in 2009 the difference between the old and the new self is very visible. The colour changed and also the width increased. 

With less than ideal conditions from 2011 (moved from Spain to Northen Italy) the tip became thinner. 

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It has a bluish stem (but it turns into green when the plant grows old) with four ribs (generally six) and black spines. It can grow up to 4 meters with stems up to 12cm in diameter. When fully grown it produces night blooming flowers.
This is a small specimen of a tree-like cactus which can reach 4-5 m high. It is similar to the Myrtillocactus.
Origin: Mexico (Puebla and Oaxaca)
Spines: 1 central spine, 6-8 greyish radials. The spines on the new growth are reddish.
Flowers: cream-yellow, night-blooming
Fruits: globose red, edible fruits called chichituna ripen in July.
  • Temperature: Average 12° C. They are cold intolerant and might die if exposed to freezing temperatures. During the summer it is best to keep the plants outside where the temperature can rise to over 30 C with no harm to the plant. Need full sun avoiding only the harshest summer sun, if kept too dark they may become overly lush and greener and could be prone to rotting due to over watering.
  • Soil: Furnish good drainage and use an open and free draining mineral compost that allows therefore roots to breath.
  • Water: In winter: keep almost completely dry. If the soil is allowed to be dry for too long root loss could follow but equally the same result would occur if the plants are both wet and cold. From March onwards the plant will begin to grow and watering should be increased gradually until late May when the plant should be in full growth. In summer: water regularly as long as the plant pot is allowed to drain. During hot weather you may need to water the plants more frequently so long as the plant is actively growing. From late September watering should be reduced to force the plant to go into a state of semi dormancy, by October you should be back into the winter watering regime.

20cm – 25cm, 30cm – 40cm


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