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Buddha bamboo (chines Bamboo)

Buddha’s Belly Bamboo likes sunlight. Full sunlight helps the plant grow faster.

Part shading is essential for maintaining proper health of the plant.

The Buddha’s Belly plant is not very fond of water. It never needs much water to thrive and grow.

Watering the plant once a week can be enough when growing indoors.

It is essential to let the soil get completely dry after one watering session, before watering the plant the next time.

The plant should never be allowed to sit in water. That can cause the untimely death of the plant.

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Bambusa Ventricosa is popularly known as the Buddha’s Belly Bamboo or the Buddha Bamboo. It comes from the genus Bambusaand belongs to the family of Monocots.

Buddha Bamboo is found to be native to Vietnam and the province of Guangdong situated in the Southern parts of China. Given so, Bambusa Ventricosa is one of the most widely grown plants in most of the subtropical regions of the world.

It is one of the toughest of the tropical clumping bamboos, but it is also the only one that can thrive and grow indoors.

Being a species of the bamboo, this plant has an average growth of 6m to 10m in height.

Buddha Bamboo never blooms any flower, it is not a flowering plant.

On the other hand, this plant has a bright green trunk with ringed swellings on it, which makes it a highly ornamental plant for the indoors of a house.




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