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asplenium antiquum

Asplenium nidus comes from eastern tropical Africa, northern Australia, and tropical Asia. While it can be either epiphytic or terrestrial, it’s fond of rich organic matter. It often can be found living in bromeliads or on palm trees in its natural environment. It’s also wildly popular as a houseplant, with light to medium green leaves that are reminiscent of banana leaves in appearance.

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Common Name(s) – Birds nest fern, Bird’s nest fern, Bird’s-nest fern, ō-tani-watari, tani-watari, Crow’s nest fern, Nest fern, Bird’s nest spleenwort, Wild birdsnest fern, New World birdsnest fern

Scientific Name – Asplenium antiquum, Asplenium australasicum, Asplenium nidus, Asplenium serratum

Origin – Tropical areas throughout Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, and the United States

Height – 2-3 feet at maximum growth

Light – Shade to indirect low light

Water – Moist but not wet soil, water around base of plant

Temperature – 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for this tropical plant.


30cm – 45cm


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