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Aloe vera Barbadensis Mille

As much as the Aloe Vera is used to hot and dry fields and often does not require water for a period of several months, regular watering is recommended. In dry periods, the Aloe Vera draws its moisture from the fleshy leaves. However, this inhibits its healthy and splendid growth. To prevent this, this Aloe species should always have a moist root ball during spring to late summer. You can test with your thumb, whether the plant needs water. If the surface can be pressed down a little bit, the soil is still moist inside. If the surface does not drop at least two to three centimeters under your thumb pressure, it should be watered

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The Aloe Vera is viewed as the real one among it’s species. Originating from Arabia, it is now cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas such as the Caribbean and parts of Asia. Aloe Vera has not only an oriental flair with occasional red or yellow inflorescence, but also impresses with its healing and cosmetic effects. Its fleshy leaves are among the evergreen plants, which have now also found their way into the domestic gardens of Europe. With this care guide you can enjoy the Aloe Vera all year long and multiply it as you like.


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