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Widi chilli (capsicum annuum)

Sweet Peppers – Different varieties of sweet pepper grow to reach different sizes, look out for those labelled ‘dwarf’ or ‘compact’ plants, which are bushy and grow to around 25cm tall. Non dwarf varieties can grow to between 60 and 100cm tall. The fruit of sweet peppers vary in shape, size and colour from variety to variety, shapes include conical, square and bonnet-shaped, and colours include green, yellow, orange, purple and white.

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This is a fantastic crop for you to grow at home. Both pepper types produce bright peppers that give the windowsill or containers an exotic touch. And the flavoursome sweet or hot peppers make a great ingredient for kitchen recipes.
Just a bit of TLC at the intial stages of growing, and you’ll be rewarded with colourful and numerous peppers.

Peppers vary from being very sweet to being incredibly hot, with lots of variants in between:

Provide both sweet and chilli peppers with a soil added with general purpose fertiliser. At fruiting provide a potassium-rich feed such as tomato feed with each watering.

Regular misting is advised to keep red spider mite at bay, especially when growing under glass. Keep crops well watered but be mindful not to have the soil sodden

Grow peppers and chillies in a sunny and sheltered site if outdoors, and be sure not to expose plants, especially when young, to cold conditions or drafts. When raising seedlings indoors, ensure an ambient temperature of 15-20C (60-70F).


15cm – 30cm


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