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Maidenhair fern fragrance

If you’ve ever grown (or killed) a maidenhair fern, you’ll know that these delicate, lacy beauties are quite picky when it comes to their growing conditions. We’ve featured plenty of tough-as-nails plants (spider plants, Chinese evergreens, cast-iron plants, and dracaena) that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, but maidenhair ferns are the opposite. As long as you know that there’s no fooling around when it comes to meeting its needs, though, this fern will reward you with gorgeous foliage. Here is what you need to know to keep a maidenhair fern thriving.

The name maidenhair fern actually refers to the Adiantum genus of about 200 different species that grow around the world, everywhere from New Zealand to the Andes. Many varieties are especially suited to growing on rock walls around waterfalls, where the water seepage and moisture in the air keeps them from drying out. Although there are species that live in a variety of conditions outdoors, I’ll be talking about the conditions that generally suit varieties commonly kept as houseplants.

From temperature, to water, to sunlight, maidenhair ferns are divas in every way. Direct sun will lead to scorching, but too little light will cause poor growth and yellowing fronds. If possible, place in a location that gets indirect morning or afternoon sun, such as a northern window, with no drafts. A temperature of about 70°F (21°C) is ideal, but temperatures below 60°F (16°C) should be avoided. Maidenhair ferns can’t tolerate dry air, so if your home is dry, you’ll need to figure out how to provide your plant the humidity it needs


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