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Chilli Pepper

Colorful, compact plants that grow to heights and widths of about 12 inches, ornamental chili peppers (Capsicum annuum), produce masses of small, upright peppers that start out green, eventually turning chartreuse, orange, and finally rich, bright red. A single plant often produces more than 50 chili peppers at a time. Although ornamental chili peppers are tropical plants most often grown indoors

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Chilli : Small shrub with robust stems up to 1.5m tall. Leaves alternately arranged or paired. Flowers hanging down (pendulous), dull-white or sometimes tinged green; anthers blue-pale-purple, occasionally yellow. Fruits two- or three-chambered, shiny, pungent berries; red-

chillies are widely cultivated and thrive in moist soils and sunlight.

Place the plants in bright, direct light such as a window facing west or south. Alternatively, place the plants under grow lights for 14 to 16 hours per day, allowing 6 inches between the light and the top of the plant. Without adequate light, ornamental chili peppers grow tall and spindly.

Water ornamental chili peppers whenever the surface of the soil feels slightly dry. Water the plant until water drips through the drainage hole, then let the pot drain thoroughly. Never let the pot sit in water, as wet soil may lead to root rot.


10cm – 15cm, 40cm


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