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Cactus Mini

As the plants in the garden are waning, this is a perfect time to start looking for indoor opportunities to nurture a green thumb, and cactus collections are a great way to play with plants while reducing (as much as possible) the risk that you will kill something. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes and offer collectors the opportunity to play with color and shape in much the same way that an art collector might curate a collection of sculpture.

AED 125.00

  • Height

Cacti are a family of succulents native to the deserts of the Americas. They are drought tolerant plants that store water and love the sun! Careful when unpacking your cactus as it’s little spikes can poke you, and are tricky to remove.

Place your Cactus in a location where it will receive as much direct sunlight as possible. On the ledge of a South or West facing window is ideal, or anywhere that it will receive at least a few hours of direct sunlight.


6cm – 8cm (12 nos of Cactus), 6cm – 8cm (6 nos of Cactus)


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