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To thrive in our homes, anthuriums need medium to bright indirect light, although they’ll accept less during their dormant period in winter. They are sensitive to direct light and burn easily, so take care to protect from hot afternoon sunbeams.

Proper watering is key to Anthurium care (and to the care of all your houseplants!). Keep the soil lightly moist during the growing season (March-September), letting the top layer just approach dryness between waterings. Make a habit of checking on it at least once or twice a week by gently digging a finger into the soil. It should feel barely moist. If it still feels wet, wait a bit longer.

Proper Anthurium care means keeping a watchful eye in winter and protecting your plants from drafty doors and windows. They will suffer or even die below 55 degrees and are happiest between 65-70. It’s also important to protect your Anthurium from forced air. Heaters, fans, and air conditioners can damage plants if they are too close, but gentle air circulation (such as an open window on a warm, humid day) will benefit them.

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Anthuriums are aroid plants originating in the neotropics (South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean), where most species grow epiphytically on the branches of trees in lush, tropical forests. With a little care, these wild things can be tamed and make lovely additions to the home. They command our attention with their strange, candy-bright blooms and foliage ranging from the delicate, palmate Anthurium ‘Fingers,’ to the velvety, almost black leaf of Anthurium ‘Queen of Hearts’ that is so massive and dark, it seems to look back at you with the intensity of a wildcat.

Few genera offer such varied and beautiful options for indoor growing. They are a must for any houseplant collector and a great choice for someone who feels like they’ve mastered philodendrons and are looking for a new challenge. A few key factors distinguish Anthurium care from that of other houseplants. Read our guide to see if you’re ready to take one of these strange beauties home with you.


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